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A Guide to Frame Drums and Its Types


A frame drum is amongst those musical instruments without which the music is incomplete. It serves as the backbone of Irish music as it is the central instrument in Irish music. Frame drum has its own importance just like any other musical instrument. It can easily be seen alive among music cultures of India, Ireland, Italy, and the Middle East. It is a rhythmic instrument, which helps the listener to find the beat in time. Not only this, but drums can also help emphasize changes in parts of a song.

There are different forms of frame drums available and used in different parts of the world. You will get to know of the major types through this post. Below listed are the major types of frame drums with detailed information about their make.

Moroccan Bendir

It is one of the popular drums used for accompanying classical and folk music and is also used in percussion ensembles. The term Bendir is a Turkish word, which means a big hand frame drum. When it comes to its construction, then it is somewhat different from other musical instruments. It has a snare stretched across the head, which is responsible for producing a buzzing quality tone.

Iranian Daf

Iranian Daf or simply Daf is a large frame drum with chains attached to the inside. When it comes to playing the Daf, then you need to know that it is played by a combination of playing on the skin along with different combinations of shaking techniques. It was originally used by players for Sufi Ceremonies, or for producing complex rhythms in chanting rituals. It is handmade with a goatskin membrane and metal ringlets attached.

Italian Tamburello

Italian Tamburello or Tambourine is a musical instrument that has been there for many years. The playing style of this frame drum is somewhat similar to playing an Iranian Daf and includes a lot of shaking and turning. The turning is usually done with the holding hand and an elaborated technique is used for the main hand. Some of the 12th century pictures clearly show that this instrument has been there for very long. It was played similar to what it was played nowadays.

Irish Bodhan

Irish Bodhan or Bodhran is also one type of frame drum that is played in a different way than other drums as it makes use of a wooden beater. It features a crossbar in the inside of the frame. The left hand of the player is used to modulate the sound of the drum using pressure changes and the right hand is used to play the beater.

All these given types of frame drums can be easily found with major musical instrument sellers. In case, you don’t know the address of any of the frame drum sellers, then don’t worry as the Internet has the answers to all your questions. Just type frame drum sellers with your city name in the search bar of a search, it will return you the addresses of many sellers in the result. You can contact anyone among those for making your purchase.

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