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Bendir, Bandir, Dof, Mazhar : The North African Frame Drum

The Bendir is a traditional musical instrument that is part of the music culture of North Africa. Bendirs are wooden frame drums, valued for their rich sounds, and flexibility. They are found in countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, etc. Its use ranges from personal enjoyment to religious ceremonies, like the Sufi ceremony. The fact that the Bendir is used in diverse religious ceremonies made its presence felt all over the region.  

How To Play The Bendir

The instrument is played in a vertical position, with the player holding the drum with both hands. The drum has a hole in the frame, where a player slides a thumb from his non-dominant hand into, making sure the drum is attached to the hand. The player beats the drum with his dominant hand, producing buzzing sounds, as shock waves spread across the head of the drum. 

The Bendir usually has a diameter head that is greater than the shell of the depth. It is a round wooden drum with an average 40 to 50 cm frame, with two strings stretched under its skin to produce resonance. The Bendir is suitable for both small and large ceremonies.

The One Drum For Everything

Bendir strings are played with fingers, and the player can control the intensity of the sound by touching the back of the drum skin. With the Bendir, a player can switch into any tune he prefers without having to switch drums. Bendir can create unique tunes as well as recreate old ones. It basically gives you the opportunity to make whatever sound you love.

Bendirs are also very easy to carry. Their shallow frame requires just a little force to balance. However, the frame drum comes in different sizes, and this can influence their weight. The Bendir can easily be moved around during play.

It is also handy for a two-way performance that involves dancing and drumming at the same time. The Bendir gives its player the freedom to enjoy the sounds he is creating without disrupting play. With the Bendir, you are as entertained as your audience.

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