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How to play Oud effectively?

Music has always been a crucial part of our culture and daily life. As years pass by, music continues to evolve, and new genres and musical instruments arise daily. When speaking about musical instruments, it would be unfair if we did not mention the instrument Oud. The Oud has been one of the most powerful instruments that have existed over the years.


There are three classifications of musical instruments based on how they are being played. These are string instruments, woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments. How an instrument is played, and its sound quality may vary by class. The string instrument is one of the most prevalent among all the other types of musical instruments.


Playing string instruments is as delightful as listening to their music. There are string instruments in almost every culture and area that demonstrate their uniqueness. Want to know how to play Oud effectively? You have come to the right place.  


All About the instrument- Oud

The Oud is an Arabic musical instrument that originated in North Africa and eventually migrated to Europe. Undoubtedly, this musical instrument played a vital role at the beginning of the Middle Eastern musical. In a nutshell, the Oud is the predecessor of the European lute. The instrument's hollow body produces the Oud's sound. With the vibrating of the strings, sound emanates from the hollow body.


Can you play the Oud easily?

Ouds are famous for their uniqueness and versatility as they can express music from different cultures like Greek, Indian, Iranian, Chinese, Japanese, and more. This instrument is considered the grandfather of the guitar, Buzuki, Mandolin, Chinese Pipa, and Japanese Biwa. If you are a music lover, there's no doubt that the Oud should be your choice of instrument as it expresses the music of many different cultures.

Before knowing how to play Oud, you must know that the rear of an Oud consists of 20 or 21 identical sections. Moreover, the plectrum used to play this instrument has much longer than other plectrum instruments.

So, you must be very careful when using a plectrum as you must hold it parallel to the strings of the Oud and guide your wrist with up and down movements. These wrist movements you will do while playing the Oud are essential. Initially, you may find it challenging to play the Oud, but with practice and patience, you can master elegant movements and play the instrument soulfully.

If you continue to practice without feeling discouraged, you will be able to understand how easy it is to play the Oud. Remember, practice is the only key to playing the instrument flawlessly, and do not forget to follow your lessons regularly. This way, you can achieve success and get accustomed to playing unique melodies with this musical instrument.

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