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Learn the Art of Finding the Best Oud for Yourself

Buying an oud for yourself is a daunting task especially when you don’t know much. This blog can be of great help to you as it provides useful information on ouds, one of the famous musical instruments for the Arabian music industry. Arabian music is incomplete without the use of this popular musical instrument. This instrument shares its roots from Persia, one of the oldest civilizations in the world and refined during the Arab golden age.

Ouds in the past were strung with gut strings, however, with the passage of time nylon has replaced gut. Originally, there were four individual strings while if you talk about the present day oud, then you would find six courses of strings in it. The sound produced by these strings is similar to that of the sound produced by the Indian sarod and the rabaab of Afghanistan & India.

There are different types of ouds available starting from Egyptian, Syrian to Turkish oud. Each of these ouds has a unique quality and known for producing a different type of sound. Oud picking is an important decision one has to make because this will decide your fate. For example, an oud is an important part of their life for legends like Wardah Al Jaza’iriyya and Mayadah Al Hannawi of Syria. For them, it is everything as this instrument has made them.

If you want to be like these music maestros, then you need to buy an oud wisely. Before you go to the market for making a purchase, it is important to identify your singing style as there is a different type of oud for each singing style. Once you are done with this job, then oud picking becomes a simple task. You can find shops both offline and online dealing in the sale of ouds. You can choose anyone among these shops to make your purchase. However, always check the reputation of the retailer before making your purchase.



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