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Taking care of your Darbuka is easy?


The sound that the Darbuka Drums emit is undoubtedly energetic and attractive!

Although it's an attractive and robust appearance, these drums are delicate and mostly decorated with mother of pearls. Hence, these materials need protection against abrasions and fractures because cracks on your darbuka drum head will alter the sound it produces. Thus it is prudent to safeguard it.

There are several myths about the best way to protect your darbuka because many players purchase pricey darbukas and end up not taking good care of them. 

So in this article, we will tell you how to take good care of your darbuka, so it lasts long. You must maintain your drum correctly and take care of it. Because if you do not take care of it, the performance and appearance of a brand-new darbuka drum may degrade rapidly.


How to Perfectly Protect Your Darbuka Drum

Every darbuka player must know that the instrument cannot be kept or transported "bare." So it would help to store it in a Premium case to prevent damage.

A darbuka drummer develops a strong attachment to his instrument since the euphoric sound and the player's emotions often coincide. Nonetheless, the drum needs protection. There are three efficient techniques to safeguard your darbuka drum.

Obtaining a casing for your darbuka drum is the first step to safeguarding it. Carrying your darbuka without a case exposes it to the possibility of fractures and damage. Even while not in use, storing it without a case leaves it vulnerable to dust, moisture, and even harm.

Now, if you are worried about finding the best and most exceptional darbuka case, do not worry! We can help you with that!

Only at Darbuka planet you can receive complimentary premium padded darbuka cases when you buy a darbuka. Isn't it amazing?


Superior protection with our Premium Cases

Our Premium cases are explicitly intended for storing and transporting darbuka drums. It has superior zippers and protective layers. In addition, it contains a waterproof base layer and two thickly padded shoulder straps. So, while we ship our darbuka's, you will indeed receive your product safe and sound.

Key Attributes of our premium cases

Waterproof Protective layers

Top-quality zippers and superior-grade cloth

Two cushioned shoulder straps for comfortability

cushioned shoulder straps


Avoiding These Mistakes to Protect Your Darbuka

Avoid storing your darbuka drum in your garage or attic if you have other storage alternatives. In a damp climate, the metallic components of the drum may rust.

Also, avoid leaving your darbuka drum exposed to the sun (play under some shade). This will ultimately result in moisture problems. Also, avoid placing instruments with sharp edges if you have your Darbuka Premium case, as that might damage the skin. As a result, you might have to compromise the sound quality you receive.



Each instrument is valued for its sound and how it affects us emotionally. One of the few things that may affect an instrument's sound is damage to its major sound-producing sections.

 The head/skin is essential to the darbuka drum and must constantly be guarded. Damage to other instrument elements may be catastrophic, but the head is the most crucial component. Therefore, purchasing a Darbuka head guard and a Darbuka defender is insufficient.

And if you already have a premium case but are looking for an upgrade, we have various ZAZA Pro Darbuka cases available in multiple colors.



Lastly, here's your last reminder: Do not forget to carry your darbuka in our Premium padded case!

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