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Maqsum Darbuka Rhythm

Maqsum Darbuka Rhythm

Maqsum Darbuka Rhythm is a popular Egyptian musical style. It is nothing but is a simple 4/4 time beat, with strong Doums and good Teks for accents. This particular rhythm is liked by some drummers because they find its pattern quite easier to remember at the start. Not only this,  but they also find it easy to add ornamentation to the Maqsum. Darbuka Planet is your go-to solution for musical instruments requirements ranging from Darbukas to Kandu Cajons

One of the most popular rhythms in the Arab world.Frank demonstrates in this video how he moderated the rhythm on a darbuka
- an 18.5 MOP -inch Sombati Size
Structure of the rhythm
Maqsum (4/4) Dom Tak Tak Dom Tak

Learn this beautiful Maqsum Darbuka rhythm through videos provided by experts. Our experts put their best effort to help you learn this rhythm and implement the same in your performances. Our expert Frank demonstrates in the given video how he implemented the Maqsum rhythm on a Darbuka. It will take about 15-20 minutes to learn it starting from “Doum Tek Tek Doum Tek”. Don’t wait until it is late.

one of the most popular darbuka rhythms, from Egypt, played all over the Middle East.

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