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Welcome to Darbuka Planet!

Free Doumbek Darbuka Lessons

As part of our ongoing efforts to introduce the Doumbek beat, and spread the joy of Darbuka playing, we have decided to release our Doumbek lessons. 
They are professionally made for all Doumbek lovers, drummers and beginners, who are looking to improve their drumming skills.
We hope you will enjoy, and maybe learn a new beat or two...
Your feedback and opinions will be greatly appreciated, so we can keep improving our service.
Happy drumming!

Darbuka Planet Team

Lesson Number 1
The 4 Sounds Of Doumbek

Lesson Number 2
The 4 Sounds Of Doumbek - The Maqsoum Rhythm

Lesson Number 3
The Malfof  Rhythm

Lesson Number 4
Maqsoum And Malfof Rhythm