The Buzuq is originally a folk instrument from the Eastern Mediterranean ( Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria ) that's usually played solo. But it is listed along with the other traditional instruments.


Face Spruce

Body Cherry

Neck Hornbeam

Body Length 38cm

Neck Length 50cm

Body Width 27-28cm

Body Depth 18cm

Scale Long 75cm

String Pcs 6

Fret Pcs 28

Tuner Guitar Tuner

Finish Polyester

Accessories Case, Strings, Pick


1. String C / Do

2. String G / Sol

3. String C / Do

Tuning / Alternative

1. String C / Do

2. String G / Sol

3. String G / Sol

Saz KB13-C Arabic Kurdish Buzuq, spruce top, body made of cherry, neck and fingerboard made of hornbeam, total length approx. 104cm, body length 38cm, neck length 50cm, body width approx. 28cm, body length 18cm, scale length approx. 75cm, bridge and upper-nut set up for 6 strings / 3 courses, 28 frets, mandolin tuning machines with 8 pegs, polyester varnish, comes with soft bag with shoulder-strap, tuning cc - gg - cC.