Standard key-tuned djembe with 8 lugs. Remo djembes have their roots in West Africa with the Mandingo people. They originate from the time of the great Mali Empire in the 13th and 14th centuries. In Africa, the djembe is used for healing purposes. The tone and form of Remo djembes consist of a combination of the traditional djembe tone and form combined with Remo's modern advancements. They comprise a variety of tuning systems, heads, finishes and sizes. REMO'S key-tuned djembe has achieved worldwide success due to its user friendliness. For years it has been a favorite among both professional and recreational drummers and is known for being easily portable, tunable, durable and playable. Of Remo's World Percussion instruments, the key-tuned djembes are the most popular. They're used widely not only by touring professionals, but also in drum circles. Remo's new Designer Series Djembes provides the quality tones synonymous with a Skyndeep drumhead and you'll hear it in your playing performance.