This is a beautiful new 17.5" darbuka. It's the new generation of El-Masry drums. Higher and wider with a unique bottom finishing. Amazing Drum! Comes with a clear synthetic head and a premium case. This drum is a top quality drum!
The Beautiful and intricate inlay of real mother of pearl and the beautiful patterns make this drum a real work of art.
Covered with real mother of pearl that reflects the spectral colors, (beautiful shells).
This drum is a top quality drum!

Due to some minors dents and blemishes which do not affect the sound quality.(see attached image)

  • 6 bolts head drum
  • Padded premium case and 1 extra synthetic head included.
  • Tuning tool.
  • 17.5" (43.75cm) High
  • Head Diameter  (rim)- 10.5" (26.25cm)
  • Bottom diameter - 8" (20cm)
  • Skin Head Diameter 8.75''