The Wambooka Diamond is a fresh take on the traditional darbuka drum. The transparent shell made from well resonant polymers gives the Wambooka a modern look and just enough weight for it to be tossed in the air and caught comfortably, and since this drum is nearly indestructible, tossing is encouraged. Play anywhere without worrying about temperature or humidity; the backpack style carrying case allows for easy transport. Right out of the box the Wambooka is tuned to D and ready to play, though tuning can be changed by adjusting the lug nuts. Add water and give it a swish to produce wah wah effects and soothing sounds great for music therapy. Insert lights for dramatic live looks.


  • Super strong solid shell molded from a single piece of polycarbonate
  • Power beat head and Carrying Bag included
  • Ready to play out of the box; no assembly required<
  • Play dry or wet for a wah wah effect
  • Designed in Italy