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How To Know Which Skin- Drum Head Size is Right For My Darbuka

How To Know Which Skin- Drum Head Size is Right For My Darbuka

Same as any other drum with skin on top, the Darbuka also needs its skin replaced occasionally, for different reasons:

  • Wear and tear of the skin, either from usage, accidents or different weather conditions.
  • Dullness in sound and/or difficulty to tune the Darbuka.
  • Experimenting with different sounds or drumming styles, which may vary with the different materials of the skins.
  • Personalization and style - Skins come in different colors and designs, to customize your Darbuka and make it unique.

One of the most common issues with purchasing a Darbuka skin is finding the right skin size for your Darbuka, and drummers can often get it wrong. The main reason for that is usually incorrect measuring. In this next section we will guide you through this process, to avoid mistakes and make sure you get the perfect fit.

Standard Darbuka skins sizes:

  • 8.75 inches (Classic or New Generation Egyptian Darbuka)
  • 9 inches (Egyptian Sombati)
  • 10.25 inches (Dohola)
  • 8.62 inches (Turkish Darbuka 17” tall)
  • 8 inches (Turkish Darbuka 16” or shorter)

The skin size listed online always indicates to the inner diameter of the skin, which is the metal ring on the bottom. (see image

You should verify that the inner diameter fits the rim of the drum, where the skin is mounted. (see video)

**It is always recommended to measure the skin only when it’s removed from the drum, before choosing a replacement skin.

Mistakes usually occur if the skin is measured while it’s still attached to the drum, since the inner hoop is hidden.

Good luck!

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