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Darbuk Size Guide

Darbuk Size Guide

The Classic Professional Doumbek size


The ClassicProfrssional  Doumbek is the most often played style of darbuka in the world and one of the most versatile drums you will find. This drum is inlaid with mother of pearl and wood for a beautiful and striking appearance that won't go unnoticed. This darbuka is perfect for every level of experience, but it is great for new players who want to get a feel for playing one of these instruments.




The New Generation Professional Doumbek


The New GenerationProfrssional  Doumbek is taller and wider at the base than the Classic Doumbek and offers great projection for an instrument of its size. This drum is favored by performers who need to fill a space with their music. The beautiful mother of pearl styling on this doumbek is vibrant and the tile mosaic extends to the inside of the drum. The beveled edge on this darbuka is larger than on many other drums and offers a unique playing experience.
17.5'' New Generation Mother of Pearl Darbuka/Doumbek/ DEMO



The Sumbati Professional Doumbek

The Sumbati Profrssional Doumbek is the middle sized drum in this family of instruments and offers both deeper tones than the classic, but clear and bright high notes. The mother of pearl work on this drum features images of birds and flowers along with other beautiful images. This darbuka is versatile, can take center stage or act as a background instrument and sound beautiful in both roles.


The Dahola Professional Doumbek

The Dahola Profrssional Doumbek is the bass of this family of darbuka and it is the largest of the three traditional sizes. The deeper sounds that this drum can create are perfect for adding roundness to an accompaniment. While this drum can be played alone and sounds beautiful while doing so, it shines the most as a supporting member in a group of instruments.


The Fish Skin Professional Doumbek

The Fish Skin Profrssional Doumbek is one of the most traditional drums we offer. The skin used on this darbuka is Nile sturgeon from Egypt and it produces a very warm sound that is good for recording.  The appearance of this darbuka is perfect for a player who wants to have a more traditional appearance. This is a high quality instrument that was made in Cairo, Egypt.

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