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A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Learning Playing a Darbuka

A Darbuka or a Doumbek remained at the top when you talk about musicians’ favorite musical instruments. It has a goblet-shaped body, which is the reason, it is known as a Goblet Drum. Egypt is home to the best Darbukas in the world and has been there for so long. In case you are looking for more information on a Darbuka, then this post is a must for you so you should not miss out to read it.

For Darbuka lovers, playing it is the simplest but enjoyable experience. Only they know the feeling of playing this unique looking instrument and this unique instrument gets due respect by its lovers. Usually a Darbuka is made up of clay and ceramic, however, some modern versions are made up of metal. You will be surprised to know that the top part of the Darbuka is made up goatskin. In recent times, goatskin has been replaced with synthetic materials like fiberglass, which helps to produce louder tones.

Now we will discuss the main reasons that will justify why you should learn to play a Darbuka

Getting Desired Rhythms

For Darbuka lovers nothing can’t be more enjoying than playing it to get the rhythms. Participants who take part in a Darbuka learning session are always ready to do anything to achieve the flow.

Academic Growth

It has been found in a study that students who play a Darbuka are more intelligent as learning to play a darbuka can enhance one’s ability to concentrate, which ultimately results in a student’s academic growth. For those students studying difficult subjects, such a Maths, Science or any language no longer remain a difficult job.


You would be surprised to know that drumming is a healing art so anyone who wants to do healing can do it through playing a Darbuka.

Brain Development

It has proved in scientific research that playing music and drumming increases the development of various regions of the brain, including auditory cortexes, motor cortexes, and the corpus callosum. Who doesn’t love brain development? There is no one as every individual want to be intelligent.

Increases Stamina

As you know that a Darbuka is a hand drum, which requires a lot of hand drumming. So you can expect from individuals playing it to have increased stamina than the ones who don’t play it.

Leave Good Impression

When you play a Darbuka at a public event, then there will a great number of people who see you playing it and all eyes will be on you. It will leave a good impression of you on people seeing you.  This can be achieved if you will be successful in producing a melodious tune.

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