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ZAZA percussion- Something is so special about these Darbuka's


Most people listen to music regularly as that impacts their lives. Music is an essential component of human existence. Some individuals find that listening to music refreshes their spirit, while others find that listening to music helps them find inspiration. The value of each musical instrument is well-known to the great composers and musicians who use them.

There's no doubt that a high-quality musical instrument will generate soulful music compared to a faulty one. So if you plan to get a musical instrument for yourself, you must be very cautious!

ZAZA Percussion might be an answer for you!

zaza percussion logo

Having said are you someone who loves Darbuka? Do you want to get one for yourself? Then you are in the right place.

The market is saturated with numerous Darbuka brands that you might get your hands on, but in this article, we would like to introduce you to a brand close to your heart- Zaza Percussion.

Therefore, whether you are considering purchasing a sombaty darbuka or a solo darbuka, Zaza percussion might be an excellent option for you to consider.

Zaza percussion is one of the best darbuka brands that you can choose from the varied options you get. The best part about it is the sound it creates is so rich and is sure to reach people's hearts.


Brand reputation

You will be glad to know that Zaza percussion has an excellent reputation in music. Many musicians and true artists comprehend the value of musical instruments, and they have recommended Zaza percussion to create music that can reach people's hearts.

Zaza percussion is a new Egyptian and Turkish brand of Doumbeks designed to improve the Doumbek sound, combining it with an uncompromising style and design. Despite being built with premium materials, the best part is you can avail of these fantastic pieces at a reasonable price.


Our ZAZA Top-picks!

You can get your hands on some of our favorite Turkish Aluminium Darbuka, like-

10" Turkish Aluminium Blue Darbuka

You can also get this product in black, Red, and silver colors. These Aluminum silver line Darbukas are the brand's initial line of distinctive products that comes with a classic Turkish style.

Here are a few more ZAZA products that you might love!

16'' Turkish Aluminum Red Wine Darbuka


Turkish Aluminum Red Wine Darbuka


16'' Silver Lotus Aluminum Darbuka

Silver Lotus Aluminum Darbuka

16'' Black Lotus Aluminum Darbuka With Zill (Internal Jingles)

Black Lotus Aluminum Darbuka W/ Zill

17'' Black Wave Zaza Percussion Engraved Egypt Style Darbuka

Black Wave Zaza Percussion

17'' Black Aluminum Artificial Crocodile Leather Texture Darbuka

Black Aluminum Artificial Crocodile Leather Texture Darbuka

18'' Genesis Black Aluminum Sombaty Darbuka

Genesis" Black Aluminum Sombaty Darbuka


Explore more


Exclusive ZAZA Collections for you!

We know you love Gawahert El Fan products, and so we have special care to design these whole new generations of Mother of Pearl for you.


17.5'' Sea Star New Generation - Zaza Percussion Darbuka

Sea Star New Generation - Zaza Percussion Darbuka

17.5'' Japanese Flowers New Generation Darbuka

Japanese Flowers New Generation - Zaza Percussion

17.5'' Black Fort New Generation - Zaza Percussion Darbuka 

17.5'' Black Fort New Generation

17.5'' Black Pearl New Generation - Zaza Percussion Darbuka 

Black Pearl New Generation

This is a range of modernized artistic masterpieces of Mother-of-Pearl Darbuka that are handcrafted with unique designs.

The good news is you receive each of these products with a cushioned carrying bag, additional synthetic skin, and a tuning key.


Why choose ZAZA?

You are now aware that when you purchase from, you will get an authentic, handcrafted Darbuka straight from the manufacturer and with genuine mother of pearl.

Additionally, we would like to highlight the extraordinary detailing that brands like Zaza give and the high-quality metal it employs for construction.

Here's a Zaza percussion Darbuka sound check for you!


Do you know what is still the best part? With ZAZA, you will receive uncompromised style and sound quality at a very affordable price. The aluminum used in producing this darbuka drum is among the best, and the quality finishing of the instrument makes it one of the best darbukas.



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