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Darbukaplanet collection of Gawharet El Fan Riq Tamburine Bandir and Daf.
When thinking of the traditional music of Egypt, the sound of this instrument is likely to come to mind. This instrument has been depicted countless times in beautiful painting and is itself a work of art. .

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    Mid-East Fish Tambourine 7"x12"

    12" x 7" Fish-shaped tambourine. 8 sets of steel jingles. comfortable hand grip. light colored, solid wood.

    DOBANI Featherweight Tambourine 10"

    Fixed goatskin head with 18 sets of steel jingles.

    16-by-4.5-inch Roosebeck Economy Gig Bag for Bodhran

    Reasonably priced soft gig bag. This gig bag can hold any circular frame style drum with a diameter of up to 16 inches and 4.5 inches deep. The gig bag...

    18" X 2" Remo Pretuned Skyndeep Head Tar - Earthen Stone - HD-8718-81-013

    Remo TAR Fixed Skyndeep® Earthen Stone head. Remo Tars are manufactured using a SKYNDEEP® fixed drumhead pitched to produce the distinguishing overtones that professionals have an ear for. A light...

    16" Remo Thinline Renaissance Head Frame Drum- HD-8916-00

    REMO Thinline Frame Drums are the most reliable, lightweight, and attractive frame drum that REMO has to offer. Manufactured for beginners and professionals alike, the Thinline Frame Drum is constructed...

    Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum - 14" (HD-8514-00)

    The Remo Fiberskyn® 3 head is pre-tuned on a 0.25 inch thick ACOUSTICON™ shell guaranteeing years of care free play. The sturdiness and durability of this 14-inch diameter hand drum...

    6-Pack 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 22-Inch Remo Frame Drums with Fiberskyn Heads

    The Remo Frame Drum pack comes in a set of 6. The 12", 14", 16" and 22" Remo Fiberskyn® 3 Frame Drums with a thumb notch and four holes located...

    10" Remo Layne Redmond Lotus Tambourine

    This new style of tambourine characterized by its lighter jingles and a larger diameter than the traditional Riq, offers a larger sound and more adaptability for contemporary ensembles. The Lotus...

    Remo TA-2792-LR Riq Layne Redmond

    This 9.25 inch diameter Riq has a fixed synthetic head on a 2.75 inch deep frame. Ten sets of brass cymbals in two rows provide great sound for your rhythms....

    Remo Layne Redmond Tar-Rine 12"

    A combination of the traditional North African tar and the tambourine, this instrument lends itself to many drum techniques from around the world. The Tar-Rine can be held like a...

    The 12'' Gawharet El Fan Professional Wood Mazhar Bandir Dof / Daf (MAZ2)

    The Mazhar is a large, heavy tambourine used in Arabic music with a Plastic head that can be tuned and brass zills   The Wood Gawharet El Fan Mazhar has arrived from Egypt and It has...

    Remo Ocean Drum 12"x2.5" - ET-0212-00

    The Standard Ocean Drum comes, with one clear Mylar head and one white Fiberskyn head, is an incredibly versatile instrument.You can play this drum several ways for multiple sounds. You...

    Remo Pretuned Skyndeep Head Tar 16-by2" - Snake Skin -HD-8716-81-012

    Remo Tar, Fixed Skyndeep Snake Skinhead, 16" Diameter, 3" Depth.Remo Tars are constructed using a SKYNDEEP fixed drumhead pitched to produce the desired overtones that professionals listen for. A light...

    The 16'' Gawharet El Fan Professional Wood Bandir Dof / Daf (DOF5)

    The Dof is a large, Egyptian frame drum with a Plastic head that can be tuned  The Wood Gawharet El Fan bandir/ Dof has arrived from Egypt an It has...

    The 12'' Gawharet El Fan Professional Wood Mazhar Bandir Dof / Daf (MAZ6)

    The 12'' Gawharet El Fan Professional Wood Mazhar Bandir Dof / Daf (MAZ6) is made with a plastic head and brass zills, tuned 8 lugs, and 6 pairs of zills....

    Remo E1-0314-00 Buffalo Drum - Standard, 14"

    $168.00 $146.00
    The Remo Buffalo drums are inspired by the frame drums of the Native American Cultures. They come with a rope handle and soft tipped beater. The standard style has a...

    Remo Key-Tuned Kanjira 7" - Antique -ET-8227-00

    Remo Kanjira (Khanjira), key-tuned, 7" Antique (Item Code ET-8227-00) The traditional Indian kanjira was made using skin of the now-endangered Monitor Lizard. Remo's synthetic Skyndeep lizard-graphic drumhead is an ecological...

    Pro Egyptian Riq Tambourine Mosaic Zaza Percussion

    This incredible Pro Egyptian riq tambourine features stunning mosaic shells and a durable synthetic power-beat head. It comes with a padded case and a tuning key for convenience. Experience top-quality...

    Pro Riq Tambourine Mosaic Zaza Percussion With Advance Tuning Lugs

    The Pro Riq Tambourine Mosaic Zaza Percussion With Advance Tuning Lugs is expertly crafted for exceptional sound quality with a synthetic power beat head, beautiful shell covering, and precise tuning...

    Remo Soft Black Cover Plastic Mallet, 10" - HK-0140-70

    Improve your drumming performance with Remo's HK-0140-70 10" Soft Black Cover Plastic Mallet. This versatile mallet is suitable for use on various types of drums, including gathering drums, hand drums,...

    Dobani Tunable Goatskin Head Wooden Frame Drum With Beater 18-by-2-inch

    Shaman Drum 18"x2", tunable goatskin head, mulberry frame, includes leather beater and tuning tool. Item Weight: 1.65 lbs.Item Length: 18.3 InchesItem Height: 2.1 InchesItem Width: 18.3 Inches
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