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Popular Turkish Darbuka Rhythm

Popular Turkish Darbuka Rhythm

The Turkish Darbuka is not just a drum as it is a magic wand when in a master’s hands. The music produced by this beautiful instrument has the ability to make the world sit still. Our musical instruments are made from high-quality material ensuring that your instrument stays with you for a long time. So, why wait? Just browse our website. 

Turkish 5/8  D k T k k Counted: 12 123 

Watch this video to learn to play Turkish rhythm in a few minutes.

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Turkish Darbuka Turkish Darbuka
Darbuka Planet not only sells musical instruments as we also help you out learn playing different types of musical instruments. Darbuka Planet offers the best Turkish Darbukas that will help you produce the rhythm of your dreams. To make your job easier, we have uploaded musical videos on how to play different musical instruments. You don’t need to worry at all when you choose us.
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