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Masmoudi Belly dance Darbuka Rhythm -

Masmoudi Belly dance Darbuka Rhythm

If you are a fan of belly dance or love to do belly dance, then Masmoudi rhythm is the perfect rhythm for you. It is one of the big six Middle Eastern rhythms played on the Doumbek. Although the music produced is different from the common rhythms but this rhythm is a combination of three basic sounds, i.e., Doom (doum), Tak (Tek), and Ka. The different combinations of these basic sounds are given names of different rhythms.

The Masmoudi is a classical 8/4 rhythm.Egyptian Rhythm, also known as Masmoudi Kebir  (Kebir is big) . Masmoudi (8/4) D D TK TK T  D TK TK T TK TK T  

While being a basic beat Masmoudi can still be a lot of fun to play.  There are a number of variations, and the second half of it is essentially made for solos, rolls, and fills.

Watch this video to learn to play Masmoudi rhythm in a few minutes.

It is 8/4 classical rhythm, which is further divided in 4/4 time, which are called Masmoudi Saghir. You can commonly see people doing belly dance on this rhythm and that’s why it is called a Masmoudi Belly dance Darbuka Rhythm by some people. Learn to play this fantastic rhythm with our experts’ help. Darbuka Planet is the retailer where you can get a Darbuka to produce the music of your dreams.

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