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Music is a language and learning the language of music makes an invaluable contribution to children throughout their lives, long after their childhood years come to an end. Playing music improves coordination, significantly increases the level of intelligence and plays a major role in contributing to a child's self-confidence. Learning to play an instrument and learning the music simultaneously improves children's verbal skills, helps with understanding math, science, and comprehending and retaining information. The harmonies and the musicality are very uplifting, which is why many therapists use the playing of a musical instrument as a tool in healing and therapy in a variety of areas such as self-confidence, social skills and ADHD. Music is the key to the soul and when it comes to children, it's not only an important tool for the development of the soul, but also great fun. Here at Darbuka Planet we have gathered a kids' percussion collection from around the world. It is important to note that these instruments are intended to be used as musical instruments and are not toys. They are also recommended for kindergartens, schools, music clubs, counselors and music therapists.